GourmetCargo- Rougie-Foie-Gras-Duck-Lobster


A leading brand of duck specialties and Chef-ready raw Canadian lobster meat, Rougie is the brand of choice for discerning Chefs both in France and around the world.

Crafted from 100% corn-fed moulard ducks farmed outside of Québec, Rougie's foie gras and duck meat products are known for their superior flavor and golden color. Rougie processes its foie gras within 30 minutes of harvest and employs its pioneering flash-freezing technology to greatly enhancing yield and texture.

Rougié also proudly provides a new line of Chef-ready raw Canadian lobster meat.

  • High-Pressure Shelled Raw Lobster Tails

  • Flash-Frozen Duck Liver: Whole lobes, Deveined, Slices, Morsels

  • Frozen Duck Meat

  • Pasteurized Terrines

  • Shelf-stable: Duck Fat, Duck Confit