Where and when do Gourmet Cargo trucks deliver?

Gourmet Cargo delivers Monday - Friday with the exception of major federal public holidays. Our standard delivery zone includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Hoboken and Jersey City. We also make scheduled deliveries to Westchester County.

What if I’m located outside of the standard delivery zone? 

Outside of our standard delivery zone, we have a multitude of delivery options, including our own trucks, third party freight, and FedEx. Our customer base spans as far as Miami and Portland, our logistics expertise and freight capabilities enable us to service both in and out-of-zone customers with the same level of care. (Please note, out-of-zone freight charges apply.) 

What is the minimum order for free delivery within the standard delivery zone?

$300 per order. Orders below the minimum incur $30 delivery fee. Outside of our standard delivery zone, delivery charges apply.

What is Gourmet Cargo’s order cutoff time?

Our official order cutoff time is 1:00 PM for next business day delivery within our standard delivery zone. However, we understand that working in New York City creates unique challenges for businesses, so we make every effort to provide next business day delivery even for late orders.

How do I get product and pricing information?

Please reach out to a Gourmet Cargo rep to discuss your needs via order@gourmetcargo.com and view our product guide here.

How do I start working with Gourmet Cargo?

Please complete the attached credit application form and send it to our office.